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Vaillant 22mm Boiler Filter Protection Kit

£ 129.77

Extend the life of your Vaillant ecoTEC plus and ecoTEC exclusive boilers. Extended 10 year guarantee available when installed with the boiler protection kit and registered through Vaillant Advance.The kit includes a high-quality Vaillant metal water filter plus a system test kit.Features and Benefits

  • Proven technology to give reliable central heating system protection
  • Long working life – guaranteed for the life of the boiler
  • Easy installation and simple maintenance which saves time and money
  • The automatic filtration system protection, helps to cut your energy bills
  • Very small particles, from 5µm (= 0.005mm) and up are separated and removed
  • No shut-off valves or bypass required
  • Constant low pressure drop
  • Maintenance only takes a few seconds and is not a dirty job compared to a filter solution
  • Connection diameters from 22mm to DN 600 and above
  • Instant operation as soon as the systems is up an running